Sermon Enhancer

9/12/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: Have you ever been a part of the dreaded prayer circle??? You know, the kind that starts with everyone holding hands in a big circle. Usually, one person starts and then with a squeeze of the hand signals to the next person it's their turn. You're peeking out of one eye to see how many people are before you so you'll know how much time you have to think of something good. Finally, a thought pops in your head. You're estatic! And then..., the person right before you prays your prayer! 'Dang!' Now you're in a panic. If you repeat their prayer it sounds like you're copying them. If you don't, they'll think you've got nothing valuable to say!... Let's press 'pause' here for a minute. If you've been in very many small groups before you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's happened to me a number of times and there's even the added pressure of being a preacher. But in this scenario, who are we really thinking about? Me! Who are we really worried about? The people. We're more interested in the appearance of being spiritual than being spiritual... This week we be continue our series, 'Thinking Like Jesus'. Our passage will come from Matthew 7:1-18. This passage deals with giving, praying and fasting. Jesus' teaching carries one consistent message in these three disciplines. Can you find it? Please read ahead and be ready for worship this weekend. And, please remember to invite a friend. We want to continue seeing our church grow by bringing more and more people into the saving knowledge of God!

9/5/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

We will continue our series, "Kingdom Character: Thinking Like Jesus". We learned last week that the way we behave matters. Paul writes that we will be judged as Christians for the things we do and say. We are called to be "salt and light" in the world, helping to season, preserve, and have our lights shine for the rest of the world that they, too, might find the hope of eternal life. This week, Jesus gets tough. He says He didn't come to abolish the law but to fulfill it. He didn't just uphold the law, He made it tougher. Check out what He has to say about divorce, adultery, anger and more. We are called to be better than the world. Jesus came not only for eternal life, but for abundant life, now. Isn't it amazing life gets better when we follow Jesus' teachings. In John He says, "If you want to be my disciples, obey my commands". Whew! And maybe the hardest of all, "Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you." Check it out... He even calls us to be perfect! Tall order. Please read ahead the surrounding passages around Matthew 5:43-48, and come ready to learn how we can "be perfect" and live life, "Thinking Like Jesus".

God bless you all and thanks for being a part of our church.

8/30/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: This week we begin a new series based upon the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus encourages us not to be believers in faith only, but to demonstrate our faith through holy living. Our passage this week comes from Matthew 5:13-20. Salvation comes with responsibilities for righteous living. Please read ahead and be ready for, "Thinking Like Jesus".

God bless you all and looking forward to worshipping with you this weekend!

8/22/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer
Have you ever thrown a party? Were you excited when you made out the guest list? How excited were you when the people RSVP'd? We were created for community. We were created for celebration. Mix the two together and we have a Jesus party! This week we'll wrap up our Nehemiah series with chapter 11:1-4a. Over the last few weeks we've discussed how Nehemiah was given a burning passion for God's people. He overcame opposition, and encouraged the people to work together to rebuild the wall. Now, the wall complete, they had one last task. They went into the wilderness and invited the people back into the safety of the city of God. Nehemiah is a great study in leadership. We've been using clues from his mission and applying them to the building of the church. Church should be a joy, not a task to complete. Invitations should be filled with hopeful expectations. We want to see revival keep happening in our church. New people are coming, there's joy in excitement. Invite someone new this week into the "safety of God's city."

God bless and thanks for being a part of our church.

8/16/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: Have you ever felt like you were unimportant? Everyone of us has at some point or another. As one preacher used to say, 'That smells like smoke and comes straight from the pit of Hell.' Everyone is created in God's image and are persons of worth. God has created each one of us unique. When we come to believe in Jesus as our Savior, the Holy Spirit gives each one spiritual gifts to be used for the building up of God's Kingdom. This week we'll see the beginning of construction of the wall. Too big for any one person, they all chipped in. 'Many hands make the work light.' Our passage comes from Nehemiah 3:1-5. Please leave plenty of time for reading... the names are fun in this one... God bless you all and thanks for being an important part of our corner of the Kingdom,