Sermon Enhancer

1/18/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer:

Some years ago there was a show called Truth or Consequences. There were many hosts but most remember Bob Barker. The contestants had only a few seconds to answer truthfully or face the consequences. We continue in our series from the book of Romans, "From a Pastor's Heart". We started last week with the love of God. That is first base for Christians to understand the love of God. As Christians, we are freed from the penalty of sin, but that doesn't mean we can continue to live in sin. When we know something's wrong we are called to repent, stop doing whatever it is and live like Jesus. There are some, however, who fail to take the holiness of God seriously and erroneously believe they can do whatever they want. Paul wanted the church to know that if they continued in Godless behavior there would be consequences. Our passage will be Romans 1:18-25.

A special note from the pastor: I want to encourage everyone to read the passage immediately following verse 25. It contains one of the concerns standing at the forefront of our own United Methodist denomination. The question has to do with homosexuality and how we should respond as a church. Some claim our greater responsibility is to simply love, not passing judgement on anyone. Others, we would respond as Jesus did with some of the questions from Pharisees, "What do you read"? Homosexuality in this passage is clearly called a sin... But SO ARE THINGS LIKE GOSSIP AND ARROGANCE. I refuse to single out homosexuality or make this the main thrust of the message. Many have used this to excuse judgemental and bad behavior by some Christians toward the LGBTQ+ community. For that, I am truly sorry. I believe Paul added some of these other sins so that no one would feel superior. We ALL stand in the need of grace. Paul quickly adds in chapter 2, "You, therefore have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else." God is the only one qualified to judge.

I was recently asked if God-fearing homosexuals would be in Heaven. I responded, "I don't know. Do you think there will be any God-fearing gossipers in Heaven"? My real answer for both is yes. What sends people to Hell is the arrogance that they believe they are better than anyone else and they don't need as much grace as the next person. The point is... we all stand in the need of grace. I as your pastor hold firmly to the Scripture, and from a "pastor's heart" want to help all understand and repent of any sinful behavior. God is so much bigger than sexuality, arrogance, gossip, or slanderers. We are all called to lay our lives down, our wants, our wills and our desires, down at the feet of Jesus, and live holy lives for Him. Accountability for all, yes, but may our thoughts and actions always be founded in love. Jesus in John 15:13-17 lays down the mandate for all who would be disciples, "Love one another". May each one of us carry the mandate to love in all that we think, say, and do.

God bless you all. Thanks for being a part of our church family and I am excited to see how God moves in 2019,

1/10/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

As we begin a new year, we'll begin a study from the book of Romans. Romans has been called the quintessential letter in the New Testament. Paul wrote this letter to the church in Rome and answers many questions about how we need to live as Disciples of Christ. Rome was the heart of the known world at the time. If you wanted to further any movement you had to get buy in from Rome. This week we'll be focusing on Romans 1:7-17. This passage contains the heart of God, the heart of a pastor, and the power of God to change lives, and the encouragement of how all believers should live. Please read ahead and be ready for a great weekend of worship. Remember, the New Year is when many hearts not connected with a church home are softened. Invite someone to join you this week. It just might change their life forever! God bless you all,

1/3/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer Special thanks to Rev. GH Trumbo, who has offered to lead the services this Saturday (5:22) and Sunday (8, 9:15 and 10:30) while Pastor Greg and his family are on vacation. GH’s sermon title will be “Are You Stuck In the Past?” with scripture from Isaiah 43:18-21. So...Are you? Don’t dwell in the past; look and see where God is. Seek His face. Seek Him now, in the present. 2019 holds great promises for your future.

12/27/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

We'll have a special treat this weekend and several Scriptures used, all encouraging us to 'Walk the Walk'. Many of us having been Christians a long time. Sometimes we turn a blind eye to our own shortcomings. Sometimes it's easier to talk the talk. This weekend we'll be encouraged to live the way we say we believe.

12/20/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: Holiday Stress getting to you??? I confess it has for me. Sometimes, even 'good' busy, can be stressful. Families gathering for the holidays can be joyful and stressful at the same time. The holidays can also be the loneliest times of the year when separated from loved ones. In ancient Israel 'Shalom' or 'peace' was a traditional greeting. Jeremiah 6 warns that the people of God had become complacent with sin. They offered peace, when there was no peace. Often stressful seasons can rob us of peace. Most of what we worry about is 'temporal'. Often it distracts us from the deeper questions of life. The apostle Paul seemed to have found the answer to true peace. It can be found in our passage this week, Philippians 4:6-7. Please read ahead, the whole passage to find the answer to true peace. This reading will help prepare our hearts to see beyond temporal distractions, and find a true, everlasting peace. God bless you all and looking forward to worshipping with you this weekend.