Sermon Enhancer

4/11/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: We've started a new series, 'Everyday God'. Our hope is to encourage people to see God working in their everyday lives. Sometimes we relegate God to the past, or only on Sundays. God is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. The God of the Bible who worked in the lives of our heroes is still working today. GH shared last week how he saw God in the movies. This weekend we'll be sharing how we can see God in our relationships. Sometimes God works directly with us, sometimes He works in our lives through others. Our passage comes from Acts 9:1-19. This is the story of Saul and Ananias. Saul was a persecutor of Christians when Jesus 'knocked him off his high horse'. Through Ananias, God worked to bring Saul to repentance. Saul became Paul and through his conversion to Christianity became the most prolific writer in the New Testament. Please read ahead, be thinking about how God has used others to speak into your life, and be ready to worship.

3/29/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: Yea! It's Easter! My favorite time of the year. Pastor's usually get from people who show up twice a year that they hear the same sermons. Encourage them that we actually have different ones during the year. That said, we'll try to reach those who might be on the fence with their faith. A lot of people, and secretly many Christians, struggle with doubts. In John 20:24-31, we learn about one of the disciples who had trouble believing in the resurrection. People don't just do that... come back from the dead. Please read ahead and see what happens and pray that everyone who comes would have the same revelation and response. It's a day of joy and celebration. Wear your brightest colors, and your brightest smiles. Greet one another with, 'He is risen'. Respond to those greeting you, 'He is risen indeed'! God bless you all and thanks for being a part our church family! Happy Easter to one and all. He is risen. He is risen indeed!

3/23/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: This weekend is 'Palm Sunday'. 'Palm Sunday' is the reminder of the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem to make His claim as 'King'. Because of the many miracles He'd performed, the crowds were getting larger. The crowds heard He was going to Bethany they followed Him there. They wanted to see the man who could perform miracles. They'd heard about his raising Lazarus from the dead and they wanted to see him, too. 'Could it be?', they wondered. 'Could this be the long awaited Messiah?' The week before Passover, Jesus and His followers headed into Jerusalem. The crowds were too large for Him to speak so He chose another sign, riding on a donkey. This was a sign for all that , yes, He is the long awaited Messiah. Much of Israel was climaxed into a fevered parade shouting, 'Hosanna! Save us.' They began waving palm fronds, a sign of victory reserved for a King. Our passage this week this week comes from John 12:12-19. As always I encourage you to read the surrounding passages to give a fuller understanding. The people had been looking for many generations for a sign of the prophesied Messiah. There were many signs along the way. Please read ahead and join with us for worship this weekend for, 'Here's Your Sign.' God bless, and thanks for being a part of our awesomer church.

3/9/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

We had a great kick off of our Heaven series last week. This week we'll focus on 2 Corinthians 5:1-10. Paul says a lot about bodies, walking in faith, now, and the coming judgment. Please read ahead and discover why we should be so excited about Heaven we rearrange what we do on earth.

2/22/2018 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: We'll wrap up our, 'Tempted', series this weekend. We've been studying the temptations of Jesus and how they can help us overcome our own temptations. This week we'll conclude with Matthew 4:8-11. Please read ahead and see how Jesus got rid of Satan and his pesky temptations.