Sermon Enhancer

3/7/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: When's the last time you threw a party? Some of you possibly last night. For others, it may have been years. We're in the season of Lent, which often is treated as a somber, introspective time, a time for prayer and repentance. British Bishop and thelologian N.T. Wright says we should be the party people. We have Christ! We are saved for eternity! Woo hoo! He says that following the somber season of Lent we do celebrate for Easter, but then back to normal... He thinks that if we have 40 days of repentance we should have 40 days of celebration after Easter. But often, when we party, we celebrate the wrong things. In our passage this weekend, Jesus sent the disciples out to spread the Gospel. They came back whooping and hollering because they were able to cast out demons. Jesus said, 'Cool' (paraphrase mine...). 'You rejoice over these things but you ought to rejoice that your names are written in Heaven.' Too often we get caught up in short term, temporal, worldly things, when we should be celebrating our true inheritance in Heaven. Please read ahead, Luke 10:17-24, and be ready for a great day of worship and celebration! God bless you all and thanks for being a part of our awesome church!

2/28/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: How good are you at listening? Most of us are pretty good about talking, but listening takes patience and interest in the one who's speaking. Often, people find God to be aloof. Maybe one of the reasons is because they don't really spend enough quiet time listening to Him. We can listen to God through devotions, study, prayer, worship, and praise. In our passage this week Jesus has taken some of the disciples up the mountain with him to pray. Like most of us, they fell asleep praying. When they awoke they saw Jesus’ appearance changed into a dazzling white. There speaking with Him were Moses and Elijah. The disciples could actually see them. And Peter, my paraphrase, didn't know what to do so he spoke... God spoke and said, 'This is my Son. Listen to Him'. A wise man once said “no one ever learned anything by speaking'. Many of us could stand to talk less, and listen to Jesus more. Please read Luke 9:28-36 and be ready for worship. Our theme for this week will encourage us in developing our spiritual ears and try, 'Listening for a Change'. God bless you all and thanks for being a part of our church,

2/21/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: We started this series with Good News and we'll end it with Good News. In our passage for this week Paul is addressing the current stress of the church. Although many were experiencing persecution, prison, and death, because of their faith in Jesus, Paul gave them, and us, some of the best news ever, 'Nothing can ever separate us from the love of God.' That is GOOD news, God news. Whatever we're going through in life, whatever uncertainty, or craziness, even if we lose our lives, we're still safe with God. Christians are called to Shalom, the peace that passes all understanding. What we believe about tomorrow dramatically affects how we think, act, and behave today. When the rest of the world can worry, we can have peace because we're safe with God. To get the most out of the message, please read Romans 8:28-39 and be ready for a great day of worship. God bless you all. Thanks for being a part of, and keep praying for, God's revival in our church. Thanks for all who give of their time, treasures, and talents so we can sharing the Great News of God, changing our world, one life at a time. Pastor Greg

2/15/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: Everyone has a tension living within them. An old American Indian tale described the tension as a good wolf and a bad wolf living inside of us. The young Indian desperately wanted to know.., 'Which wolf wins?' The answer is similar to the struggle in every Christian or wannabe Christian. Paul admits in chapter 7 living according to God's will is hard. There's a war between the flesh and the spirit. But deep down inside, every Christian, or wannabe Christian, wants to know, 'Can I be sure? How do I know if I'm really saved?' The answers to these questions can be found in Chapter 8 of Romans. Romans has been called the greatest book ever written, and chapter 8 the best chapter. Some of you already know the answer. For those who know, reading it again will serve to reinforce what you've already believed. For those who are unsure, will you take the time to read it for yourselves? May God's Spirit fill each and every one of you that you will be made sure of your own salvation. Please read chapters 7-8 and be ready for a great weekend of worship! God bless you all. I'm praying for you and look forward to worshipping with you this weekend. Pastor Greg

2/8/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: Thanks to everyone who gave positive feedback regarding the rope illustration from last weekend. It was a visible reminder that we're only on this earth for a short while compared to eternity. Some of us get bogged down looking into the past. We are called, as Paul did, to forget the past and live for the future. The choices we make today will affect where we spend eternity. Because of that, we are called to live holy lives. In our passage this week, Paul, is responding to an assumed question, 'Since we are saved by grace should we sin even more so that more of God's grace would be poured out on us?' The answer is found in Romans 6:1-11. Please read ahead and be ready for a great day of worship. Please remember to reach out and invite someone who's not already connected to a church family. It just might change their life forever! God bless you all and looking forward to worshipping with you this weekend.