Sermon Enhancer

11/14/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

This week we continue in our series, "ThanksLiving". We'll be focusing on "Living in Hope". Our passage is Philippians 3:12-21. Please read ahead and be ready for worship.

God bless you all and thanks for being a part of our church!

Pastor Greg

10/31/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

We're starting a new series this week entitled, "ThanksLiving". In honor of Thanksgiving we'll be going through the book of Philippians and learning how we can be more thankful in our every day lives. This week we'll concentrate on Philippians 1:1-11 and learn how we can be more thankful for God's grace.

God bless you all. Thanks for being a part of our awesome church!

Looking forward to fellowshipping with you this week, and worshipping with you this weekend.

Pastor Greg

10/24/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: This week we'll conclude with part II of our series, Developing a Godly Perspective. Last week we went on a journey full of twists as Jesus uses the parable of the Shrewd Manager to teach us about investing money for a better future. Dr. Stanley Tousaint of Dallas Theological Seminary says there are two main lessons Jesus tries to teach us from the manager. The first, "Be like him", we discussed last week. The second, "Don't be like him", we'll discuss this week. Please read the second part of this passage, Luke 16:10-15, and be ready for a great weekend of worship.

God bless you all and thanks for being a part of our church.

Pastor Greg

10/18/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: This week we'll begin a two part series, 'Developing a Godly Perspective'. Perspective means everything in the way we spend our time and our resources. We'll be tackling one of the more difficult New Testament passages in Luke 9:1-15. In this passage, Jesus tells the 'parable' (a story that comes 'along side' of a message to help make the point) of the shrewd manager. The manager was complaining about the owner so the owner called the manager into account for his actions. The manager is fired but before he goes he does some sneaky things like cut the debts of other businesses. When the owner finds out, rather than being angry, he commends the shrewdness of the manager. Very confusing indeed. But Jesus tells this story to make a point about how we as Christians should be equally shrewd. Is He commending us to be sneaky and underhanded??? Come this weekend and find out. Please read ahead, see if you can figure out Jesus' point, and be ready for worship this weekend as we 'Develop a Godly Perspective'. God bless you all and thanks for being a part of our church.

10/10/2019 - Sermon Enhancer

Sermon Enhancer: While Pastor Greg is away on vacation, we are blessed and thankful to have Phil Doucet, Lay Leader, giving the sermon at all the services this weekend. Phil will be preaching on “We Are the Church” with scriptures from Matthew 18:19-20 and Matthew 28:19-20.