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Spiritual growth assessment process.

Author: Lifeway,
/ Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   240   LIF    
Summary: Booklet includes individual assessments and evaluation sheets, plus a spiritual growth plan and actions for growth. Also includes a church assessment.
(Added: 7/22/2018)
Note: CD-ROM included in booklet containing digitized version of booklet. Use to print assessment pages.    

Waking to God's dream: spiritual leadership and church renewal.

Author: Florida Conference United Methodist Men,
2015 / CD / Adults
Location: Main Library   CD   287   FLO   2015
Summary: Personal testimonies from the Men's Retreat on October 9-10, 2015. Includes messages by Bishop Dick Wills and Rev. Dale Locke.
Publisher: United Methodist Life Enrichment Center
(Added: 7/22/2018)
Note: Two CDs in album.    

Seeking spiritual intimacy: journeying deeper with medieval women of faith.

Author: Myers, Glenn E.
2011 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   240   MYE    
Summary: An introduction to the Beguines, a network of faith communities in medieval Europe where women organized their world around the one thing needed--a simple life with Christ at the center. Learn from the insights of wise women of faith who, from their modest homes and quiet communities, revitalized the faith of a continent.
Publisher: IVP Books
(Added: 7/21/2018)

Standing on the rock: upholding biblical authority in a secular age.

Author: Boice, James Montgomery
1994 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   220.1   BOI    
Summary: Do we have reason to believe, not only that the Bible is God's Word, but that it is God's unique revelation, without error and sufficient in every way for our salvation?
Publisher: Kregel Publications
(Added: 7/21/2018)

Fasting: spiritual freedom beyond our appetites.

Author: Baab, Lynne M.
2006 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   248.4   BAA    
Summary: Combining biblical and historical data with more contemporary experiences, offers insights into the purposes, motivations, expectations and results of fasting. Discover how fasting from food, shopping, reading, or television can lead you into a deeper encounter with Jesus.
Publisher: IVP Books
(Added: 7/21/2018)

Desiring God's own heart: 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles.

Author: Arthur, Kay
1997 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   Studies   221   ART  
Summary: God desires total intimacy with you. He longs for you to follow His heart. A 13-week study guide for individuals or groups on ways to please, honor, and worship God, and what it means to trust His promises.
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Subjects: The New Inductive Study series   BIBLE - OLD TESTAMENT\GRACE
(Added: 7/14/2018)

God in search of man: a philosophy of Judaism.

Author: Heschel, Abraham Joseph
1955 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   296   HES    
Summary: A classic of modern Jewish theology. Discusses not man's search for God but God's for man--the idea of a Chosen People that signifies not a quality inherent in the people but a relationship between the people and God.
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Subjects:   JUDAISM
(Added: 7/14/2018)


Author: Robinson, Marilynne
2004 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   FIC   ROB    
Summary: A story about fathers and sons and the spiritual battles that still rage in America's heart. In the voice of Congregationalist minister John Ames the human condition is revealed.
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
(Added: 7/14/2018)

The Zealots of Masada: the story of a dig.

Author: Pearlman, Moshe
/ Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   296   PEA    
Summary: Color photos and descriptions of an archeological dig in 1965 revealing the buildings of Herod and the remains of the Zealots in Masada.
Publisher: Palphot Ltd.
(Added: 7/14/2018)

Finding a way forward.

Author: Commission on a Way Forward,
2017 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   287   COM    
Summary: Resources for witness, contextual leadership and unity. A handbook for United Methodist Church bishops on the work of the Commission on a Way Forward.
Publisher: The United Methodist Church
(Added: 7/14/2018)
Note: 3-ring binder    

The nuts and bolts of Christian education.

Author: Halverson, Delia
2000 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   268   HAL    
Summary: Practical wisdom for teachers and leaders to enable them to plan, manage, and run their education programs with confidence.
Publisher: Abingdon Press
(Added: 7/14/2018)

Praising God through prayer and worship: Psalms.

Author: Arthur, Kay
2008 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   Studies   221   ART  
Summary: Some of the Bible's most personal and emotional language comes from David and the other psalmists as they pour out their hearts to God in prayer and worship. A 24-week guide for personal or group study.
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Subjects: The New Inductive Study series   BIBLE - OLD TESTAMENT\WORSHIP\PRAYER
(Added: 7/14/2018)

Christian educators' guide to evaluating and developing curriculum.

Author: Ferguson, Nancy
2008 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   268   FER    
Summary: A highly practical resource for Christian education committees and teacher-training workshops. Learn to use clear guidelines to evaluate purchased curriculum, write curriculum that is in harmony with your congregation's priorities, and adapt purchased curriculum materials to meet your congregation's needs and goals.
Publisher: Judson Press
(Added: 7/14/2018)

God's sweet pickles and promises: a poetic Bible study.

Author: Chadwick, Dot
2016 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   242   CHA    
Summary: Poems and scriptural references for each devotional thought as inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Publisher: Xulon Press
(Added: 7/14/2018)
Note: Author lives in the Pasco/Hernando area, and autographed this book for our library.    

Before the face of God: a daily guide for living from the book of Romans.

Author: Sproul, R. C.
1992 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   242   SPR    
Summary: 233 brief devotional studies on the book of Romans and its teachings on God's holiness, human sinfulness, and applications to challenge the reader.
Publisher: Baker Book House and Ligonier Ministries
(Added: 7/5/2018)
Note: One-year checkout.    

Fresh expressions.

Author: Weems, Lovett H., Jr.
2013 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   254   WEE    
Summary: A series of informational documents from the Fresh Expressions movement in England. Fresh Expressions are new ways to be the church in the community.
(Added: 7/5/2018)
Note: 3-ring binder. Includes additional related material.    

Wonder, love and praise: an invitation to conversation.

Author: United Methodist Committee on Faith and Order,
2016 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   287   UNI    
Summary: A statement on the nature of the church prepared for General Conference 2016, to be proposed for adoption at General Conference 2020.
Publisher: The United Methodist Church
(Added: 7/5/2018)
Note: 3-ring binder. Subtitled "Sharing a Vision for the Church."    

Crying Wind.

Author: Wind, Crying
1977 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   BIO   WIN    
Summary: The true story of a young American Indian who finds her true worth in the Gospel. She worked in the Mission for Navajo Indians in New Mexico, and now writes and lectures on Indian life in schools and churches. She gives insights into American Indian culture and the barriers an Indian must hurdle when he or she accepts Christ.
Publisher: Moody Press
(Added: 7/5/2018)

As iron sharpens iron: building character in a mentoring relationship.

Author: Hendricks, Howard
1995 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   254   HEN    
Summary: The most dramatic spiritual and personal growth often happens through the influence of a mentor. This is a practical guide to mentoring relationships for men. Whether you are looking for a mentor or wish to mentor someone else, this book provides specific steps to begin the relationship and make the most of it.
Publisher: Moody Press
(Added: 7/5/2018)

All things hidden.

Author: Peterson, Tracie
2013 / Book / Young Adult
Location: Main Library   FIC   PET    
Summary: America is in the throes of the Great Depression. Gwyn loves being a nurse at her father's clinic on the beautiful Alaskan frontier. Dr. Jeremiah Vaughan joins their growing practice in the isolated territory, and finds himself attracted to the doctor's daughter.
Publisher: Bethany House
(Added: 7/5/2018)
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