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Biblical Turkey: a guide to the Jewish and Christian sites of Asia Minor.

Author: Wilson, Mark
2012 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   910   WIL    
Summary: Comprehensive guide with references to cities, regions, provinces, and natural features in the Old and New Testaments. In the "Ancient Voice" section, writers from antiquity speak about the ancient world of Asia Minor.
Publisher: Ege Yayinlari
Subjects:   ASIA
(Added: 2/9/2019)
Note: Includes color photos and plans of sites.    

Standing on the promises or sitting on the premises?

Author: Moore, James W.
1995 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   248   MOO    
Summary: When we fail to lean on God and trust in His promises, we open ourselves to many frustrating, embarrassing, and even painful experiences. However, if we truly stand on the promises of God, we discover the richness and fullness that He intended for our lives.
Publisher: Dimensions for Living
(Added: 2/9/2019)
Note: Study guide includes discussion questions as well as activities.    

The top ten list for Christians: priorities for faithful living.

Author: Moore, James W.
1999 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   248   MOO    
Summary: A contemporary Top Ten list, witty and wise reminders of the real priorities in life so that we may live in celebration of God's faithfulness.
Publisher: Dimensions for Living
(Added: 2/9/2019)
Note: Includes study guide by Sally D. Sharpe    

Be hopeful: how to make the best of times out of your worst of times.

Author: Wiersbe, Warren W.
1982 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   225   WIE    
Summary: A commentary on the New Testament book of I Peter. Encouraging study for those going through difficult times.
Publisher: David C. Cook
(Added: 2/9/2019)
Note: Includes questions for personal reflection or group discussion.    

Psalms 1-72.

Author: Williams, Donald M.
1986 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   221   WIL    
Summary: Dynamic commentary in its combination of scholarship, in-depth application, and use of illustration. Line-by-line analysis leaves no gem in the treasure chest of Psalms unexamined.
Publisher: Word Books
Subjects: The Communicator's Commentary, Old Testament, vol. 13.   BIBLE - OLD TESTAMENT\BIBLE - COMMENTARIES
(Added: 2/9/2019)
Note: General editor of series, Lloyd J. Ogilvie.    

How I survived the killing fields.

Author: Im, Saroeup
2016 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   BIO   IMS    
Summary: Follow the life of Sara Im as she grows up in peaceful and beautiful Cambodia, then is pushed into hiding and eventually caught in a horrific event called The Killing Fields as the Khmer Rouge takes over her country.
Publisher: Wells of Water
Subjects:   ASIA\WAR
(Added: 2/9/2019)

God's outlaw: the story of William Tyndale.

Author: Synergy Entertainment,
2009 / DVD / Adults
Location: Main Library   DVD   BIO   TYN  
Summary: A simple God-seeking man, William Tyndale somehow became one of the most wanted men in England and all of Europe. Pursued by King Henry VIII, Lord Chancellor Sir Thomas More, and the Pope's personal legate Cardinal Wolsey, he darted across Europe to avoid capture--always pushing to complete the task that obsessed him. The task was translating the Bible into English and publishing it for his fellow countrymen -- Englishmen who lived in a country where the Bible and even prayers in English were outlawed by a harsh and rigid religious establihsment. Today he is renowned as "the father of the English Bible," and is recognized as one of the major leaders of the English Reformation. But the tale of how he lived and died as "God's outlaw" is a compelling "rest-of-the-story," and is especially a moving encouragement for modern people of faith.
Publisher: Synergy Entertainment
(Added: 1/18/2019)
Note: Run time: 93 minutes.    

Jerusalem at the time of Christ.

Author: The Holy Land Experience,
2004 / DVD / Adults
Location: Main Library   DVD   220.9   HOL  
Summary: Special presentation of the Holy Land Experience (Orlando FL) model of the city of Jerusalem, the largest indoor model of its kind in the world. Expert lecturers review major biblical events as seen in scripture and tie together past, present, and future biblical history.
Publisher: The Holy Land Experience
(Added: 1/18/2019)
Note: Run time 56 minutes. Subtitles in English and Spanish.    

Genesis with Max McLean.

Author: McLean, Max
1998 / DVD / Adults
Location: Main Library   DVD   221   MCL  
Summary: With remarkable energy and a gift for storytelling that can prickle the back of your neck, McLean captures the humor and pathos in Genesis' dramatic sweep from Eden to Babel, from the immense flood of Noah to Abraham's heart-cleaving sacrifice of his son Isaac, from the epic destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to Jacob's soul-wounding wrestling match with the Angel of God.
Publisher: Fellowship for the Performing Arts
(Added: 1/18/2019)
Note: Run time: 115 minutes.    

Setting boundaries with your adult children.

Author: Bottke, Allison
2008 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   644   BOT    
Summary: Six steps to hope and healing for struggling parents.Writing from firsthand experience, Allison identifies the lies that kept her, and ultimately her son in bondage--and how she overcame them. Additional real life stories from other parents are woven through the text.
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
(Added: 1/18/2019)

Commission on A Way Forward's report fo the General Conference.

Author: United Methodist Church,
2018 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   287   UNI    
Summary: Information on the three proposals for the General Conference of February 2019. Includes appendices addressing the possibility of churches desiring to change their relationship with the United Methodist Church, the Council of Bishops' collaboration with the Commission on A Way Forward, a conversation within the Council of Bishops on a Traditional Plan (including an implementation timetable), and a Wespath Resource regarding pension impacts of commission proposals.
Publisher: United Methodist Church
(Added: 1/18/2019)

One nation: what we can all do to save America's future.

Author: Carson, Ben
2014 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   320   CAR    
Summary: In this call to action, Carson admonishes politicians, particularly because of the growing national debt and healthcare woes, and encourages Americans to take more individual responsibility for themselves. Highlighting the causes of disunity and decline in the nation, Carson takes aim at political correctness and its impact on curbing honest speech on critical issues. He goes on to outline solutions to the nationís woes, and intersperses his own inspirational life story and biblical passages as he argues for the essential role of faith in addressing the myriad complex issues facing the nation.
Publisher: Sentinel/Penguin Group
(Added: 1/18/2019)

Rise up: stories of remarkable faith and relentless courage.

Author: Jessup, John, editor
2018 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   248   JES    
Summary: Meet ordinary people whose circumstances caused them to fall into God's hands and who were given the faith and courage to rise up and experience God's amazing power and matchless grace in the middle of desperate situations.
Publisher: CBN Publishing
(Added: 1/18/2019)

Paul's journeys: according to scripture.

Author: Williams, Robin D.
2006 / DVD / Adults
Location: Main Library   DVD   BIO   PAU  
Summary: Walk with Paul across the Taurus Mountains to spread the "good news" in thirty-five fabulous cities of the Roman Empire. A complete understanding of the geography of Paul's world is brought about by the filming of the caravan routes and sea routes used by Paul to travel from place to place. Cities include: TARSUS, ANTIOCH, ATTALIA, PERGE, SIDE, ASPENDUS, CAPPADOCIA, EPHESUS, SARDIS, ROME, CRETE, TROY, NEAPOLIS, ATHENS, ASSOS, and many more mentioned in the book of Acts.
Publisher: Robin Williams Films
(Added: 1/18/2019)
Notes: Run time: 88 minutes. Bonus CD: Study Guide by Ernest B. Fisher (eBook in PDF format). Rated: G.    

The minor prophets.

Author: Ironside, H. A.
1904 / Book / Adults
Location: Main Library   221   IRO    
Summary: Unabridged text of Ironside's commentary on the minor prophets.Ironside's commentaries are a standard and have stood the test of time. They are reliable and based on solid exegesis and offer practical insights into the text.
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Subjects: Ironside Expository Commentary Series   BIBLE - OLD TESTAMENT\BIBLE - PROPHETS & PROPHECIES
(Added: 1/18/2019)
Note: Reprinted in 2004.    

Mary Engelbreit's Mother Goose.

Author: Engelbreit, Mary
2005 / Book / Junior
Location: Children's Library   J   800   ENG  
Summary: One hundred best-loved nursery rhymes beautifully illustrated in the author's unique style.
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
(Added: 1/13/2019)
Note: Includes audio CD of Lynn Redgrave reading the nursery rhymes in the book.    

Abe Lincoln at last!

Author: Osborne, Mary Pope
2011 / Book / Junior
Location: Children's Library   J   FIC   OSB  
Summary: The Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to Washington, DC in 1861 to meet Abraham Lincoln and collect a feather that will help break a magic spell.
Publisher: Random House
Subjects: Magic Tree House #47: A Merlin Mission   UNITED STATES\HISTORY\FANTASY
(Added: 1/13/2019)
Note: A Stepping Stone Book    

Jesus feeds the hungry.

Author: Superbook,
2018 / DVD / Junior
Location: Children's Library   J   DVD   225   SUP
Summary: Superbook takes the children to a wedding feast in Cana. Jesus' mother Mary tells the servants what to do, and the children witness a miracle. Then they travel to the shore of the sea, where Jesus feeds thousands of people with one boy's lunch. Discover how just a little bit can be more than enough when we do what God asks.
Publisher: The Christian Broadcasting Network
Subjects: Superbook, episode 48   BIBLE - NEW TESTAMENT
(Added: 1/13/2019)
Note: Run time: 28 minutes. Spanish audio and closed captions included.    

Green eggs and ham.

Author: Seuss, Dr.
1988 / Book / Junior
Location: Children's Library   J   FIC   SEU  
Summary: Funny story with absurd illustrations that helps children enjoy learning to read.
Publisher: Random House
Subjects: Beginner Books   HUMOR\FANTASY
(Added: 1/13/2019)


Author: Superbook,
2018 / DVD / Junior
Location: Children's Library   J   DVD   221   SUP
Summary: Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo to meet the prophet Jeremiah. After he desperately warns people to turn back to the Lord, the children see how he is brutally punished by people who don't want to obey God, and the city is destroyed. They learn that it is always right to do with God wants.
Publisher: The Christian Broadcasting Network
(Added: 1/13/2019)
Note: Run time: 28 minutes. Spanish audio and closed captions included.    
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